About Gareth

I love being in the recording studio. I love the process. I draw on my wealth of experience to bring out the best of the music project Iʼm involved with, be it an album, demo, voice recording or soundtrack production.

I moved to the Gravity Shack - London - in 2001 and since, Iʼve amassed a great collection of equipment to stock my recording studio to help create anything our imaginations can conjure. Iʼve taken great care to build a truly creative space where relaxed but focused work is achieved on time and on budget. There is a full gear list on Studio - the Coconut Lodge page.

Starting as a drummer in garage bands as a teenager, I would record with whatever came to hand. Later, when I came to record in studios Iʼd always think ʻI could do better than thisʼ. So I put myself through engineering college and got my diploma, then in 1993, a job at the Metropolis Group, London. I learnt a huge amount working with some of the music industries most successful artists, producers and engineers but Iʼm always gaining new knowledge as all projects are unique.

Iʼve always kept a hand in performance so have a great understanding of what it's like on the other side of the glass.

I also make a great cup of tea.

Contact Details

Phone: +44(0)7940505012

Email: studio@garethashtonmusic.com

 Twitter: twitter.com/thecoconutlodge

 Facebook: www.facebook.com/thecoconutlodge/

The Coconut Lodge @ The Gravity Shack
Unit 3, Rear of 328 Balham High Rd
SW17 7AA